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*  C      O   O   L      L       I     S          I     O   O   N N  N    ccc     ooo    l     l     eee     ccc    ttttt    i    v   v    eee   *
*  C      O   O   L      L       I       S        I     O   O   N  N N   c   c   o   o   l     l    e   e   c   c     t      i    v   v   e   e  *
*  C      O   O   L      L       I         S      I     O   O   N   NN   c       o   o   l     l    eeeee   c         t      i    v   v   eeeee  *
*  C   C  O   O   L      L       I     S   S      I     O   O   N    N   c   c   o   o   l     l    e       c   c     t      i     v v    e      *
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TRANS-ELEMENTAL / Mixed Reality Installation

Aluminum stand, metal box, micro-controller with DC motors and servo, wind chime, video projector, computer
Artwork by collisi1

Can natural elements from a virtual reality take solid form and exist in our physical reality? Can virtual particles affect real world molecules?

This project is a mixed reality installation in which the wind of Second Life is used to move a windchime in real physical space. The virtual wind’s direction and speed are the variables that determine the device’s functionality in real time. This work creates a parallel between these two realities (virtual and physical), showing how they relate and interact with each other, creating a portal from one world to the other.

See video

Social Distortion

metal, plastic, electronics
Social Distortion

“Social Distortion” takes a traditional radio device and turns it into sound art. The concept of the piece is also similar to my other works in that there is some influence of Chaos Theory in the piece.

The piece’s intent is to turn the radio into a sound instrument in that it will do repeated sweeps across the spectrum while performing the same pot adjustments to the sound manipulation circuits.

The sequence gets started by a viewer pressing a button that triggers a power antenna and then the radio begins dial tuning and sound manipulation in chaotic sequence of repeated turns and motions. The piece then turns itself off after about 2 minutes - awaiting the next press of the button...

Jacob's Ladder

metal stands, clamps, glass tubes, custom electronics
Artwork by [user-name]

Remember the old Frankenstein movies?


Glass, wood, metal, video screen, electronics
Artwork by [user-name]

Observatory is the thought-record of the observer, viewed from the location of perception inside of the body. From this vantage point, this observer is able to witness the act of observation, while maintaining awareness of the filters of perception. But perhaps this vantage point is not fixed, and it can experience self-awareness somewhere else, even outside of the body, or in other observers.

The Rotapult

Wood, metal, plastic
Artwork by [user-name]

A whirling automaton that plays catch with itself. In a continuously repeating cycle, a solid plastic ball is catapulted nearly four feet up from a rotating platform; then caught on its way down, 180° of rotation later. Installation includes a pushbutton activated timer.

Time Lag

Metal, plastic, electronics
2008 - 2009
Artwork by [user-name]

I grew up in a household where classical music was taught and performed. The influence of this music had a deep impact on my creativity. My sculpture parallels music in many ways.
Like classical music, my sculptures are related to mathematics. The formal qualities of the pieces are based on geometry. Conceptually, my work is often influenced by chaos theory.
My sculptures are meditative objects. They perform hypnotic events that can be subtle or overwhelming. The sculptures challenge a viewer's sense of perception through motion and sound.
The contradiction of form and functionality is an idea often expressed in my work. It is a subversion of common machinery into art. My sculptures are critical, yet playful.
My sculptures address the perception of time. References to memory, nostalgia, and rhythmic theory are created through the combination of motion, sound, and form.

One Small Step

Moon globe, child’s moon-boots, plastic, metal foils, light blue paint, Qwerk robot controller, motors, sensors, misc. additional mechatronic components.
Artwork by [user-name]

A moon globe sits in a stand on the floor of the gallery near the wall. A mechanical structure attached to the gallery wall supports a child’s moon-boot above the globe by two thin cables each of which is controlled by a winch motor. Movements of the winch motors puppet the boot to perform a walking motion with a bounce like that of the Apollo astronauts as they explored the moon’s surface. A small toy satellite dish is gimbal-mounted above the boot mechanism so that two additional motors can make it peer in different directions around the gallery. It sweeps the gallery looking for “life” which in this case equates to anything that interrupts the beam of its low-end IR range-finder, including occasionally itself. A third motor on the boot turns the winch assembly so
that the boot can “walk” in different compass direction depending on where the satellite dish indicates it should search. “One Small Step” is a simple robot that quixotically “believes” it is living every robot’s dream: to go to other celestial bodies and look for life.


Metal, electronics, lights
Installation view at AXIOM

Prototype of a 2 person interactive sculpture. 2 people must provide physical and mechanical input to a sculpture. When the 2 people work together, they speed up the piece to a point where strobe lighting turns on and provides a "magic" moment.

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